England Editors offers the best proofreading services in the UK. Our proofreaders are fast, efficient and dependable. Overall, we offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and quality.

Our professional English proofreading services are ideal for writers and researchers who want a thorough grammar and consistency check on their work drafts prior to submission. Our English Proofreading services are ideal for writers or students who want to ensure that their work is free of any grammatical errors.

Misspellings and omissions are indicators of carelessness and may do significant harm to your image. Allow our professional proofreaders to review your paper and save yourself from embarrassment caused by an editing mistake. Our professional proofreaders will carefully evaluate your pape or manuscript on your behalf.

You may examine each modification made by our proofreaders by utilizing Microsoft Word’s “track changes” function.

England Editors assures that no document edited by us will be rejected due to grammatical errors. On the unlikely event that a paper is rejected, we will assume complete responsibility for re-editing it for resubmission at no extra charge. Rest assured, this has never happened despite the hundreds of customers that use our professional proofreading services each year.  Our rigorous methods and processes, professional proofreaders, and in-house quality control system all contribute to our ability to fulfill this commitment to our customers.


Proofreading Services Cost

Proofreading services are usually priced per the number of words in the manuscript. The charges are levied based on the length of the document, which tends to assure that you are able to calculate a fixed price for the services.

Our prices start from £10 per 1000 Words for most documents.

Payments are made via Paypal to [email protected]

Contact us first so that we can confirm the price based on your document


What Proofreading Services do we offer?

We offer proofreading services for ANY and ALL documents. The majority of documents clients send to us for our professional proofreading services are the ones below:

  • Academic Proofreading Services, which encompasses dissertation proofreading services
  • Book Proofreading Services/Manuscript Proofreading Services
  • Business Writing Proofreading Services (e.g for your business plan)


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